Enhancing Your Virtual Brand

For years personal brands consisted of a few tangible elements. Usually these included some combination of education, employment history, skills, achievements, goals, awards and references. These elements could easily be outlined in a curriculum vitae or résumé. And you could make this document available in printed form or on a website. This simple tangible outline of your brand gave potential employers the ability to quickly measure, judge and characterize whether your brand fits their needs.

Now, potential employers are expanding their investigation of you to include all the realms where you might have a presence. These include your profiles on social and professional networking sites, your comments on message boards, your tweets, your personal blog entries, your publicly available Court, credit and financial records, and any electronic fingerprints you might have left in cyberspace. Continue reading…

Making A Comeback

Careers without setbacks and plateaus are the rarity today. The nature of today’s global, information technology-based economy makes for employment paths that resemble a rambling hike over hills and through valleys, rather than a steady climb up a mountain. Since you’re bound to face a set back, learning the seven steps to make a personal Comeback is an essential part of today’s workplace tool kit.

Step 1: Get out from your head. Most of us, when we suffer a set back, jump to worse case scenarios. The first step in making a Comeback is to get out from your head and make a rational rather than emotional assessment about your situation. You need to know where you are before you can chart a course to somewhere else. Continue reading…

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When Quitting is Acceptable

No one wants to have gaps in their employment history. Even at a time when most individuals suffer at least one termination in their careers, being out of work remains a stigma. As a result, most people will do anything and everything to retain at least the appearance of gainful employment. But there are times when quitting a job may actually improve your future job potential and your perceived value in an employer’s eyes. Continue reading…

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Power: Actual and Perceived

We ascribe too much power to our employers and supervisors. Most of us credit our employers with more power to influence our careers and lives than they actually possess. I believe this is a cultural habit as well as a … Continue reading…

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Renewing Employment Your Vows

It is human nature to become complacent. Committed partners can start to take each other for granted if they don’t consciously fight the tendency. And long term, successful employees can start to take their employment situation for granted as well. Complacency can threaten your career, or even lead to termination. Continue reading…

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Employment Contract Pitfalls

It’s remarkable how many employment contracts are minefields, filled with potentially dangerous clauses or language that might hurt career advancement.

Too often individuals are so happy to get an employment contract, any contract, that they fail to focus on the hidden traps that may lie inside the language. Continue reading…

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eScripts Stories and Ideas

Have you ever had the cringe inducing realization that you had just hit “send” and had broadcast an email that might be inappropriate?

Have you ever sent a text to a business contact with the same kind of shorthand you use with your spouse or friends? Continue reading…

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Philip Kahn, Esq., who has worked with me for many years, has joined our office as Of Counsel. Phil’s unique combination of corporate and employment law experience, and his empathy and pragmatism, has been invaluable to me, and to many … Continue reading…

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Writing Powerful Emails

Now that business communications have shifted to ever shorter and less expressive modes, such as texting and instant messages, emails have become at once a more formal and more personal way to connect. Continue reading…

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Hot Button Metaphors for Managing Up

In today’s uncertain professional market, it is more essential than ever to continually renew your job vows. It’s more important than ever to use words and phrases that get the attention of those above you in the corporate hierarchy And reaffirm your value.

Reaction Time: Everyone knows businesses today must constantly evolve and that the pace of change is increasing at a faster rate. Bringing up new ideas won’t set you apart; that’s now just part of everyone’s job description. What will set you apart is addressing ways the business can accelerate the process of change itself: realizing the need to change, coming up with ideas for how to change, choosing which change to pursue, and putting the change into place. Hearing you talk about shortening “reaction time” will prick up an executive’s ears. Continue reading…

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