Stephen Pollan’s advice and counsel are based on his extensive professional training and also drawn from the sum total of his life’s experience. Stephen is a respected author whose numerous books on meeting life’s challenges include three bestsellers.

Stephen appeared nationally as “The Answer Man” on CNBC for six years, responding to viewers’ live personal finance questions. He’s also a frequent guest on the Today show, Good Morning America and other programs. Besides television, Stephen contributes regularly to national publications such as U.S. News & World Report, Worth, New York and he has an upcoming monthly column in Money titled “Finding the Right Words.”

Expressing his life-affirming perspective in his 1997 national bestseller, Die Broke, Stephen followed with Live Rich, a companion volume and also a national bestseller. In both books, he throws conventional wisdom about money and career out the window and replaces it with a rational, pragmatic — and counterintuitive — approach. His most recent books are It’s All in Your Head and Fire Your Boss. Currently Stephen is working on Lifelines, a book about how to prepare for life’s inevitable catastrophes… and grow from them. He and his longtime collaborator, Mark Levine, have been nominated for three National Magazine Awards.